The environmental impact we all make has never been a more critical issue and it’s one that is held in the highest regard at FBS Construction.

From how we reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, to how we develop more efficient technologies and attract the next generation into the industry, it’s up to us to take action for a better future.

We are committed to making a big impact with small changes, implementing a philosophy built on continual improvement, legal compliance, excellent practices and extensive training to help improve our environmental performance.

We communicate with our concrete and aggregate suppliers to source more sustainable mixes, cement replacements and recycled and secondary content wherever possible.

All of our plant and equipment suppliers comply with the Non-Road Mobile Machinery Regulations on 100% of their plant to minimise our impact on the environment, by using the latest well maintained equipment we reduce emissions as much as possible.

Our operatives and supervisors undergo regular environmental awareness training.

We have recently undertaken projects such as 148-160 Old St which has achieved an ‘excellent’ BREAMM rating and a project in Marks and Spencer, Hempstead Valley which was 100% diversion from landfill compliant. These are standards we aim to maintain on all projects moving forward, which is only possible with cooperation of everyone on site, but actively encouraged and supported by ourselves.

We are committed to working effectively with our clients, operatives and supply chain to create a positive impact on the environment by delivering sustainable and energy efficient projects while reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible throughout the process.